V1 Mee Grob (vegetarian)        

Golden, crispy fried noodles lightly tossed with pineapple in a sweet special Thai sauce.   5.95

V2 Veggie spring rolls                           

Crisp, light veggie rolls with our chili dipping sauce.  4.50

V3 Veggie Tom Yum *                        

Spicy vegetable soup infused with Thai herbs & lime juice.  4.50

V4 Tom Kha Veggie *                            

Spicy, creamy vegetable soup flavored with galangal & lemongrass in coconut milk.  4.50

V5 Sautéed mixed vegetables                          

Served with white rice or egg fried rice.  9.95

V6 Pad Preaw Wan                              

Sautéed mixed vegetables in a sweet & sour sauce, served with white or egg fried rice.  9.95

V7 Veggie Pad Thai                             

Rice noodles sautéed with egg, mixed vegetables & ground roasted peanut. (TOFU 12.95)  10.95

V8 Veggie Pad Woon Sen            

Sautéed cellophane noodles with mixed vegetables & egg. (TOFU 12.95) 10.95

V9 Vegetable curry *                             

Spicy red, green, or jungle (no coconut milk) veggie curry simmered in coconut milk, served with rice. (TOFU 12.95)  10.95

V10 Mixed veggie fried rice                          

Vegetable egg fried rice.  9.95

V11 Spicy veggie fried rice *                            

Mixed vegetable egg fried rice with fragrant Thai basil & spicy chili sauce.  9.95

V12 Tofu with cashews                              

Sautéed tofu, celery, bell pepper, water chestnuts, carrot & golden cashews.  12.95

V13 Broccoli tofu                              

Tofu sautéed with fresh broccoli and straw mushrooms.  12.95

V14 Steamed mixed vegetables                            

Mixed veggies with classic Thai roast peanut sauce.  12.95

V15 Seaweed salad                                

Seasoned green seaweed & sesame, served chilled.  5.95

V16 Age Tofu                                 

Fried tofu with tempura dipping sauce.  6.95

V17 Yasai tempura                               

Mixed veggie tempura combo.  6.95

V18 Veggie roll                                

Roll of assorted fresh vegetables.  6.95

V19 Veggie combo                                 

5 pieces sushi, 1 veggie handroll, 1 veggie roll.  13.95

V20 Veggie udon                               

Thick Japanese wheat noodles in hot broth with mixed vegetables.  9.95

V21 Veggie tempura udon                                

Steamy noodle soup with crisp tempura vegetables.  10.95

Veggie Sushi                                  

Avocado, carrot, cucumber, spinach, asparagus or kampyo (marinated Japanese squash).  0.95 each

Veggie Temaki                               

Assorted fresh vegetables in a cone-shaped handroll.  4.50 each


K1 Chicken teriyaki           

Tender slices of chicken glazed in our teriyaki sauce.   7.95

K2 Crispy fried chicken                          

Crisp chicken in tasty bite-sized pieces.  7.95

K3 Fish katsu                        

Fresh fish fillet, lightly breaded and fried.  8.95

K4 Steak teriyaki             

Juicy slices of grilled steak glazed in teriyaki sauce.   8.95

K5 Chicken or pork satay                             

Choice of tender barbecue chicken or pork with roasted peanut dipping sauce.  7.95

K6 Ebi fry                          

Juicy shrimp, lightly breaded and fried.  8.95