C1 Cashew chicken  

Sautéed chicken with roasted cashews, water chestnuts, bell pepper, celery & onion.  11.95

C2 Ginger chicken, beef, or pork        

Wok-seared with fresh ginger, onion, bell pepper, straw mushrooms & scallions.  11.95

C3 Garlic chicken, beef, or pork          

Sautéed chicken, beef, or pork with our own savory garlic and wine sauce.  11.95

C4 Veggie chicken, beef, or pork       

Your choice of chicken, beef, or pork sautéed with a fresh blend of mixed vegetables.  11.95

C5 Baby corn chicken, beef, or pork          

Tender baby corn, mushroom, carrot, onion & scallions with your choice of chicken, beef, or pork.  11.95

C6 Basil chicken, beef, or pork *        

Succulent chicken, beef, or pork sautéed with veggies & fragrant Thai basil.  11.95

C7 Sweet & sour chicken or pork

Crispy chicken or pork with a mélange of tangy tomato, onion, bell pepper, cucumber, pineapple & scallions.  11.95

C8 Suvi honey chicken

Our famed crispy fried chicken glazed in our unique homemade red-gold honey sauce.  12.95

C9 Volcano chicken *    

Suvi’s crispy chicken topped with a luscious, mouthwatering spicy chili sauce.  A must-have for the adventurous palate!  12.95

C10 Chicken & broccoli       

Sautéed sliced chicken with fresh broccoli & carrots.  11.95

C11 Spicy bamboo chicken *       

Spicy sautéed chicken with bamboo shoots, bell pepper & onion.  11.95



G1 Gang Gai  (Red chicken curry) *

Sliced chicken or beef simmered with bamboo shoots, bell pepper, Thai basil & coconut milk.  13.95

G2 Green curry *          

Chicken or beef with an assortment of fresh veggies in homemade green curry & creamy coconut milk.  13.95

G3 Panang Gai *          

Tender slices of marinated chicken or beef in a thick, heady curry sauce with bell pepper, Thai basil & kaffir lime.  13.95

G4 Thai yellow curry *        

Chicken, beef, or pork with potatoes & onion in a fragrant and flavorful yellow curry.  13.95

G5 Massaman curry *     

Chicken or beef stewed over an open flame with potatoes, coconut milk & warm roasted peanuts.  13.95

G6 Gang Pah  (Jungle curry) *

Chicken, beef, or pork simmered with fresh bell pepper, tender baby corn, straw mushrooms, bamboo shoots, Thai basil & kaffir lime.  A unique Northern Thai curry cooked without coconut milk; not for the faint of heart!  13.95


SH1 Cashew shrimp      

Baby corn, straw mushrooms, carrot, onion & scallions sautéed with tender juicy prawns & roasted cashews.  14.95

SH2 Shrimp & vegetables           

Healthy and delicious combination of juicy shrimp & assorted fresh veggies.  14.95

SH3 Sweet & sour shrimp            

A tasty treat!  Sautéed shrimp with fresh tomato, pineapple, cucumber & onions in a tangy sweet and sour sauce.  14.95

SH4 Spicy bamboo shrimp *          

Sautéed shrimp combined with tender bamboo shoots, onions, bell pepper & fragrant Thai basil.  14.95

SH5 Garlic shrimp            

Juicy shrimp tossed in our savory, unique garlic & white wine sauce.  15.95

SH6 Shrimp & asparagus           

Fresh shrimp sautéed gently with asparagus, bell pepper, onion & scallions.  15.95

SH7 Golden shrimp        

Delicious combo of shrimp, fresh ginger, straw mushrooms, onion, baby corn, bell pepper & egg, with a hint of golden curry.  15.95


F1 Pla Jean        

Crisp whole snapper topped with mixed vegetables, fresh ginger and a delicate garlic sauce.  19.95

F2 Pla Lad Pik (Spicy fish) *            

Crispy whole fish topped with our luscious Suvi Thai chili sauce.  19.95

F3 Pla Preaw Wan              

Crispy whole fish with a colorful blend of tomato, onion, cucumber, pineapple & bell pepper tossed in a sweet & sour sauce.  19.95

F4 Ginger Snapper              

Snapper fillet topped with a medley of mixed veggies, fresh ginger & fragrant garlic sauce.  17.95

F5 Pla Pad Pik *            

Fresh fish fillet topped with our own authentic Thai chili chuchee sauce, served with assorted steamed vegetables.  17.95

F6 Garlic squid          

Sautéed squid with Suvi Thai garlic & white wine sauce, served over steamed cabbage.  17.95


D1 Royal Thai duck      

Traditional roasted Thai duck, flash-fried and topped with a light garlic sauce, served with mixed vegetables.  17.95

D2 Sweet & sour duck           

Crispy duck topped with a beautiful blend of tomato, onion, scallions, cucumber & pineapple in a sweet and sour sauce.  17.95

D3 Spicy basil duck *            

Classic crispy duck with aromatic Thai basil, onion, bell pepper & scallions.  17.95

D4 Gang Ped  (Duck curry) *          

Deep-fried roast duck gently simmered with bamboo shoots, bell pepper, fresh Thai basil & creamy coconut milk.  18.95

D5 Imperial duck           

Crispy duck topped with our special house tomato and red wine sauce, served with mixed vegetables.  17.95






N1 Pad Thai           

Our most popular dish and Suvi’s ultimate favorite!  A flavorful dish of delicate rice noodles sautéed with tender sliced chicken, shrimp & ground roasted peanuts.  11.95

N2 Lad Na            

Traditional rice noodles with broccoli & chicken, beef, or pork.  Served in our classic Thai gravy.  11.95

N3 Pad See Eaw          

Classic rice noodles stir-fried heartily with broccoli, egg & chicken, beef, or pork in sweet soy sauce.  11.95

N4 Pad Woon Sen            

Distinctive and simple cellophane noodles tossed with chicken, beef, or pork, then sautéed with egg, onion & tomato.  11.95

N5 Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles) *            

Chicken, beef, or pork stir-fried over an open flame with rice noodles, veggies & fresh Thai basil.  11.95

N6 Goi See Mee     

Tender and tasty egg noodle with sliced chicken, straw mushrooms & bamboo shoots.  11.95

N7 Curry noodles *      

Angel hair pasta topped with rich chicken or beef curry with tender bamboo shoots & creamy coconut milk.  11.95

N8 Kway Theaw Nam (Noodle Soup)            

Suvi-style chicken noodle soup to warm the soul!  Rice noodles, sliced chicken & vegetables simmered in a deliciously light, steamy broth.  9.95

N9 Tempura udon                            

Thick wheat noodles in a flavorful light broth, served with crisp shrimp tempura.  11.95

N10 Niko udon                    

Your choice of tender sliced chicken or beef with thick, hearty noodles in a steamy broth.  9.95



R1 Shrimp fried rice    

Light and flavorful, one of our most popular dishes.Don’t miss it!  10.95

R2 Chicken, beef, or pork fried rice           

Our classic fried rice with your choice of beef, pork, or chicken.  9.95

R3 Suvi Thai special fried rice              

Great combo of shrimp, chicken, beef, or pork with fresh onion, tomato & pineapple.  11.95

R4 Spicy shrimp fried rice *             

Unique, mouthwatering fried rice with shrimp, egg, onion, tomato, scallions, chili sauce & aromatic Thai basil.  10.95

R5 Vegetable fried rice          

Classic fried rice with mixed vegetables.  9.95


H1 Suvi Thai Steak *           

Juicy grilled NY strip topped with a spicy Thai sauce, onion, bell pepper, scallions & cilantro, served with fresh lettuce.  Steak lovers, this is for you!   18.95

H2 Lobster Curry *                             

Lobster tail simmered in Thai red curry with creamy coconut milk, bell pepper, pineapple, bamboo shoots & Thai basil.  22.95

H3 Bangkok Surprise                              

Crispy chicken & shrimp topped with classic Thai peanut sauce.  17.95

H4 Suvi Thai Volcano Shrimp *                             

Golden, crispy jumbo shrimp topped with luscious Thai chili sauce.  18.95

H5 Thai Gai Yang              

Grilled marinated chicken, sliced & served with steamed veggies & a sweet chili dipping sauce.  This homemade favorite will be yours too!   16.95

H6 Seafood Combo

Sautéed shrimp, lobster tail, imitation crab, scallops, squid, ginger & vegetables in our special garlic sauce.   20.95

H7 Royal Thai Lobster

Sautéed lobster tail, mixed vegetables & tofu with our chef’s special topping.  22.95

H8 Spicy Seafood Platter *

Fish fillet, shrimp & squid lightly battered and fried, topped with a spicy Thai chuchee sauce & served with steamed veggies.  20.95

H9 Soft Shell Crab

Deep-fried soft shell crab topped with sautéed mixed vegetables & ginger in a special sauce.  16.95