All menus are subject to change due to seasonality and market price.

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1 Chicken and shrimp soup    

Medley of chicken, shrimp & mixed vegetables in a light broth.  4.50

2 Tom Yum Goong *    

Our classic Thai spicy shrimp soup infused with lime, lemongrass & cilantro.  4.50

3 Tom Kha Gai *    

Spicy chicken soup delicately flavored with galangal, lemongrass & coconut milk.  4.50

4 Wonton soup  

Our traditional handmade wontons in a light broth.  4.50

5 Miso soup  

Delicate broth with special blend of miso, soft tofu, seaweed & scallions.  2.50

6 House salad  

Garden salad with rich Thai peanut dressing or tangy ginger vinaigrette. (SMALL 2.50)  4.50

7 Spring rolls  

Light and crispy veggie rolls with our mouthwatering chili dipping sauce.  4.50

8 Shrimp rolls  

Succulent shrimp wrapped in light, crisp shells with honey chili dipping sauce.  6.95

9 Crispy chicken wontons  

Crispy traditional chicken wontons.  3.50

10 Pork gyoza or shrimp shumai  

Pork or shrimp dumplings with a light soy dipping sauce. (FRIED or STEAMED)  6.95

11 Kanisu  

Shrimp, imitation crab, avocado & masago rolled in paper-thin cucumber without rice, in tangy rice vinegar.  8.95

12 Edamame  

Salted steamed soybeans.  4.95

7 Spring Rolls





13 Pad Thai

Our most popular classic dish!  Flavorful dish of delicate rice noodles sautéed with tender sliced chicken, shrimp & ground roasted peanut.  8.95

14 Lad Na  

Traditional rice noodles with broccoli & pork, beef, or chicken.  Served in our classic Thai gravy.  8.95

15 Singapore noodles  

Tender noodles tossed with sliced chicken or pork,green onions, bean sprouts & a hint of curry.  8.95

16 Pad Kee Mao (Drunken noodles) *  

Choice of chicken, beef, or pork stir-fried with rice noodles, veggies & fresh Thai basil.  8.95

17 Pad See Eaw  

Classic rice noodles stir-fried heartily with broccoli, egg, & chicken, beef, or pork in sweet soy sauce.  8.95

18 Curry noodles *  

Angel hair pasta with chicken or beef curry, bamboo shoots & coconut milk. (SHRIMP 10.95)  8.95

19 Yum Woon Sen salad *  

Cellophane glass noodles, delicate chicken, red onion, bell pepper & lime juice, over lettuce.  8.95

20 Tiger Tear salad *  

Spicy grilled slices of beef, onion & bell pepper, infused with lime, served on a bed of lettuce.  8.95

21 Jumping Shrimp salad *  

Succulent shrimp delicately seasoned with mouthwatering Thai chili, fresh lime, lemongrass and red onion, served over lettuce.  9.95

22 Nam Sod salad *  

Spicy ground pork, ginger, onion, bell pepper & roasted peanut tossed with lime, over lettuce.  8.95

23 Larb Gai (Spicy chicken salad) *  

Spicy ground chicken, red onion, bell pepper, scallions,& lime juice, over lettuce.  8.95

11 Pad Thai

12 Lad Na

13 Goi See Mee

14 Pad Kee Mao

18 Tiger Tear Salad


24 Cashew chicken, beef, or pork  

Sautéed chicken, beef, or pork with mixed vegetables and golden roasted cashews.  8.95

25 Ginger chicken, beef, or pork  

Wok-seared chicken, beef, or pork with fresh ginger, bell pepper, onion & straw mushrooms.  8.95

26 Spicy bamboo chicken, beef, or pork *  

Spicy sautéed chicken, beef, or pork with bamboo shoots, bell pepper & onion.  8.95

27 Baby corn chicken, beef, or pork  

With sautéed baby corn, mushrooms & scallions. (SHRIMP 9.95)  8.95

28 Basil chicken *  

Succulent sliced chicken sautéed with mixed vegetables& fragrant Thai basil.  8.95

29 Red, green, yellow or massaman curry *  

A perennial favorite!  One of our traditional curries with chicken, beef, or pork, bamboo shoots & bell pepper, simmered in coconut milk. (SHRIMP 10.95)  9.95

30 Garlic chicken, beef, or pork

Tossed with our special savory Suvi Thai garlic sauce.  (SHRIMP 9.95)  8.95

31 Sweet & sour chicken  

With juicy tomato, onion, cucumber, pineapple & scallions. (SHRIMP 9.95)  8.95

32 Suvi’s honey chicken  

Our famed crispy fried chicken glazed in our unique red-gold honey sauce.  8.95

33 Volcano chicken *  

Suvi’s crispy chicken topped with a luscious mouthwatering spicy chili sauce.  8.95

34 Broccoli chicken, beef, or pork  

Sautéed sliced chicken, beef, or pork with fresh broccoli & carrots.  8.95

35 Spicy shrimp & squid *  

Spicy combination of shrimp and squid with fresh bell pepper & onion.  9.95

36 Beef, pork, or chicken fried rice  

Our classic fried rice with chicken, beef, or pork.  7.95

37 Shrimp fried rice 

Fluffy & flavorful fried rice with shrimp.  8.95

38 Suvi Thai special fried rice  

Chicken, beef, pork & shrimp with onion, tomato & pineapple.  9.95

39 Vegetable fried rice  

Light egg fried rice with mixed vegetables.  7.95

40 Spicy shrimp fried rice *  

Shrimp fried rice with spicy chili sauce & fragrant Thai basil.  8.95

21 Cashew Chicken

31 Broccoli & Beef

27 Garlic Chicken

Fried Rice


41 Sushi combination  

6 pieces sushi (chef’s choice) & 1 California roll.  9.95

42 Sashimi combination  

9 pieces sashimi (chef’s choice).  9.95

43 Hosomaki combo  

1 kappa roll, 1 tekka roll & 1 California roll.  9.95

44 Sushi, sashimi & shrimp tempura (BENTO BOX)

3 pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of sashimi (chef’s choice) & ½ California roll.  10.95

45 Sushi, sashimi & steak teriyaki (BENTO BOX)  

3 pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of sashimi (chef’s choice)& ½ California roll.  10.95

46 Sushi, sashimi & chicken teriyaki (BENTO BOX)

3 pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of sashimi (chef’s choice) & ½ California roll.  10.95

47 Chicken teriyaki, veg. tempura & fried rice


48 NY strip teriyaki, veg. tempura & fried rice


49 Pork katsu, veggie tempura & fried rice  


50 Fish teriyaki, veggie tempura & fried rice  


51 Chicken udon  

Tender sliced chicken with thick, hearty wheat noodles in a steamy savory broth.  8.95

52 Shrimp tempura udon  

Thick wheat noodles in a light, flavorful broth, served with crispy shrimp tempura.  10.95